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Collecting push subscriptions

1. Install Service Worker

First of all, regardless of the integration method you choose, you need to download the Service Worker file from your Feed page and upload it to the root directory of your web server on which you're planning to collect push subscriptions. As an example of the root directory with a service worker:

2. Choose a way to collect subscriptions

Javascript integration

You need to copy the generated code from the Feed page and paste it into the <head></head> tag of your website. Please note that the script should be wrapped with a <script></script> tag

How to request a push subscription window?

If you check "Ask for a subscription on a page load" then the subscription will be requested 1.8 seconds after the page is loaded. If you want to request a push subscription yourself, then you need to call PushflowSDK.askSubscription() function.

For example, if you want to call the subscription window by clicking on a button, then you can add a PushflowSDK.askSubscription() function call to the onclick event:

<div onclick="PushflowSDK.askSubscription()">Subscribe</div>

or, if you integrate into an already existing JS code, the function call may look like this:

function cta() {
<!-- Some code goes here -->

Ready-made landing pages

Another way to collect push subscriptions is to download one of the ready-made landing pages from the feed page and upload it to your web server