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Push subscription carousel

What is this?

After clicking on the "Block" button in the push subscription request, we will redirect the user to a subdomain of the exact same website, where the push subscription request will be made again.

How to set it up

  1. Add DNS records to your domain. In your domain's DNS records, create a series of subdomains pointing to the same IP address. For example, if your primary domain is, then create subdomains:,, pointing to exactly the same IP address as Make sure the subdomains are up and running exactly the same site as the main domain
  2. Set up your feed. On the Feed Page, fill in the "Block" button URL redirects loop field with your main domain and all its subdomains. (Each on a new line)

Next, download one of the ready-made landing pages from the feed page or embed a script as usual. That's it. When there are no domains left, a redirect will occur as if user clicked Block button