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How to evaluate traffic quality and catch bots using Javascript

Evaluating traffic quality will help us cut off junk traffic sources and sites without having to spend money on a comprehensive test. In this article, we will show the scripts that we use to evaluate the quality of traffic and understand the audience's interest in your landing page. We will use Binom to manage our traffic and its event system. If you use a different tracker, it probably has similar functionality and you can easily take the code from the article and adapt it to your tracker.

What are we going to do? We will perform various Javascript checks on the landing page to determine whether it is a " real" user or a bot that just clicks through your ad, or, for example, another affiliate who tries to steal your landing page using a proxy.

So, two main tasks:

  1. Understand the amount of low-quality traffic
  2. Understand the interest of live users in your landing page.